Core Values

FI$Cal Project

The vision of the FI$Cal Project is “To serve the best interest of the state and its citizens and to optimize the business management of the state, we will collaboratively and successfully develop, implement, utilize, and maintain an integrated financial management system.” By adhering to the following core values together we will provide California with a project team strong in commitment and determination.

  Collaboration We work together toward common goals, by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus to make and support decisions. We build successful teams by working collaboratively. We support each other and create the synergy that can only come from working well together.
  Respect We value the unique opinions, experience, and contributions of individuals, recognize the validity for other points of view, and treat others in a professional and courteous manner.
  Enterprise Thinking We make decisions that take the entire statewide financial enterprise into consideration, with the objective of doing what is best for California.
  Accountability We take accountability for implementing the FI$Cal Vision and carrying the responsibilities and achieving the results that are contained in our project charter and planning documents. As individuals, we hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes of our actions and decisions that impact FI$Cal’s success.
  Trust We place confidence in each others’ abilities and commitments to get the job done, knowing that we work with integrity, tell the truth, and keep our word.
  Excellence We work efficiently and effectively to produce excellent work products. We do things right the first time. We seek out “best practices” to continuously improve our processes and increase the value-added from our work.
  Communication We listen and communicate openly, honestly, promptly, and accurately to keep each other and our customers and stakeholders informed.